The American Baroque Orchestra

Since 2015, Kevin Sherwin has been Associate Artistic Director of The American Baroque Orchestra, a period-instrument ensemble specializing in the music of the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries. Each season, the ensemble performs throughout New England and presents educational outreach programs to public schools in Connecticut. Mr. Sherwin has conceived of numerous projects with the ensemble, including “Joseph Bologne: The First Classical Composer of African Ancestry” and “Voyage to the Colonies: Music of the Early Connecticut Settlers.” On concerts, he can seen performing with the orchestra on various historical plucked instruments, has prepared vocal ensembles for performances with the orchestra, and frequently conducts the orchestra on season concerts. With ABO, he also leads educational presentations about music of the Renaissance through the Classical periods for public schools in Connecticut, ranging from elementary through high school classes. To learn more, visit

The American Romantics

Kevin Sherwin is Principal Conductor of The American Romantics, an orchestral collective featuring students from the Yale School of Music. The ensemble is dedicated to transforming the performance of Romantic-era music and beyond. Recent programs have included “Music for the Cinema,” featuring live orchestral accompaniments performed to the silent films of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, and “Visions of France,” featuring works by Debussy, Bizet, Fauré and others. The American Romantics work in close collaboration with the Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings, drawing on early performances of Romantic-era music to understand better performance styles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As well, the ensemble also commissions new compositions that draw on the styles and spirit of these historical cultures. To learn more, visit

The Musica Vera Duo

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American Baroque Orchestra artistic director Mark Bailey and associate artistic director Kevin Sherwin come together in the Musica Vera Duo to perform in the distinctive pairing of baroque viola and guitar. As they present innovative, imaginative, and stirring musical renditions of both well-known and not so well known works, they further reach out to the audience through explanation, demonstration, and participation. Each piece has a story to tell, as Music Vera engages the audience’s imagination and transports the listening experience to heightened levels of musical appreciation. Many will recognize pieces they know, but also will hear them performed from a fresh perspective through the unique musical color scheme of baroque viola and guitar/historical plucked instruments. To learn more, visit: