Book, music, and lyrics by Kevin Sherwin.

Meatless the Musical tells the story of three rescued farm animals whose charisma and compassion make a cattle farmer question his way of life. In writing this innovative show, I strived to create a world where the animals can speak and sing for themselves. If a newly rescued calf could talk, what would he or she say? How do animals bond? From my observations and experience, animals change people in countless positive ways, just by being themselves. 

Animals embody courage, dignity, and compassion. They can also radiate humor, wit, and an unbounded playfulness through a momentary glance. Just like dogs, cats, and other companion animals, farm animals experience life through feeling, memory, and emotion. Cows, turkeys, pigs, and sheep are just a few of the animals that farm sanctuaries save from conditions of abuse and neglect. 

When I first learned about organizations such as the Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary, and others like them across the country, I was moved to learn that groups of people were so wholly dedicated to the cause of providing refuge and protection to farm animals. Rescued animals were ambassadors for the wellbeing of their species. For instance, when cows or pigs are allowed to live out their lives freely, they showed people how deeply they experience life. 

Through songs, stories, and the touching relationships between animals and humans, the show aims to express the power of farm sanctuaries to create positive change in the way farm animals are treated.

All proceeds from Meatless the Musical go to benefit Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary. The show is scheduled to premiere Fall 2020 at Arles and Boggs Vegan Eatery.